Thursday, 12 March 2009

Guest Paper - Lost Logos: Channel 4 and the Branding of American Event Television

Professor Paul Grainge from the University of Nottingham will be presenting this paper on Wednesday March 18 as part of the on-going ICAn seminar series.
For many television scholars, branding has become the defining industrial practice of the multi-channel era. This paper uses the franchise phenomenon of Lost to examine how network and programme brands function together in specific markets. Examining the identity of Channel 4 as the original brand home of Lost in the UK, it considers the ‘promotional surround’ of the series when launched on British terrestrial screens. In doing so, it puts at the centre of analysis the ephemeral media – the teasers, trailers, channel logos and series sponsorships - that helped position and domesticate Lost for British audiences.
Time: 4.00-5.30. Place: GEE219, Clifton Campus, NTU. Everyone welcome. For further information, please email Simon Cross.
(Photo credit: Roo Reynolds. Permissions.)

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