Monday, 9 March 2009

Guest Paper: 'I've Stamped my Personality all Over it'

Sian Lincoln from Liverpool John Moores University will be delivering a guest paper entitled '"I've Stamped My Personality All Over It": The Meaning of Objects in Teenage Bedroom Space' on Wednesday March 11 2009 as part of the on-going ICAn seminar series.
Revisiting McRobbie's concept of 'bedroom culture' and adapting Lefebvre's notion of 'social space' this paper explores the meaning of material objects to teenagers in their bedrooms. Using ethnographic accounts, teenage bedroom spaces are discussed as complex, constantly evolving 'material' spaces with 'objects' acting as signifiers of a young person's participation in social and cultural life.
The event takes place from 4.00-6.00 in GEE219, Clifton Campus, NTU. For further information, please email Simon Cross. Everyone welcome.
(Photo credit: ciao-chow: permissions.)

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