Thursday, 12 February 2009

Symposium on Work

Our Annual Media and Cultural Studies Symposium takes place on Friday 20th February and this year the theme is 'Work'.

Keynote speakers are Professor Martin Parker from the University of Leicester talking about 'Studying the Counter-culture of Organization: 'From Management Bollocks to Captain Jack Sparrow' and Professor Andrew Beck from Coventry University whose paper is called 'From Plantation to Plant: Richard Pryor and Frederick Winslow Taylor go to the movies'.

Other speakers are all from our team at NTU: Ben Taylor on 'Organized Labour and the Creative Industries'; Dave Woods on 'Redefining work?: The case of peer production'; Steve Jones on 'Generation Y and Helicopter Parents'; and Martin O'Shaughnessy with 'They didn’t all die, but all were affected: resisting the silencing and invisibility of labour in contemporary French film'.

If you want to join us, the event is free and will be held at the Clifton campus of NTU in room ABK107 from 10am-4pm. To reserve a place email

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