Thursday, 19 February 2009

Guest Paper: Animation and Abstract Realism

Dr Alex Jukes from Edge Hill University will be delivering a paper on 'Animation and Abstract Realism' as part of the on-going ICAn seminar series on Wednesday 25 February .

This seminar considers the creation of ‘digital’ realism in animation through the use of ‘embodied’ expression via abstraction and interaction, as opposed to visually photo-realistic and purely representational form.

By focusing on one of the central issues raised in the creation of digital images - the much-debated relationship between simulation, representation and presentation - this session questions the relationship between photo-realistic (and non-photorealisitc) CGI human representation and our ability to empathise and engage with such models on a human level.

Traditionally cinema, and by extension 3D CGI digital technology, has relied heavily upon realistic visual representation to convey the notion of the real. By looking at the work of Vivian Sobchack relating to film and phenomenology, and Malcolm Le Grice relating to material and interactivity, this discussion aims to explore the notion of artistic expression as a key ingredient in creating the visually ‘believable’ within a digital artistic from, the role of perception and the potential of simulation rather than representation in mediating this form of expression.

The session will include presentation and articulation of personal creative practice relating to this investigation.

Time: 4.00-6.00pm. Place: GEE219, Clifton Campus, NTU. For more information, contact Russell Murray

Everyone welcome.

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